Our Rabbi, Ian Silverman, earned a BA in psychology from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University. His ordination took place at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College where he earned an MA in Jewish Studies and his Teacher's Certificate from Gratz College. He earned a Doctorate of Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Silverman has been a pulpit Rabbi for more than 25 years and enjoys working with our children in Religious School, teaching Adult Education courses and writing scholarly essays. Two of these essays, one on the subject of the High Priest and the other on Happenstance and Accident in Jewish traditional sources, were honored with publication in the Conservative Quarterly Journal.

Most recently, he indulged his art hobby by completing a complete set of pastel illustrations depicting each of the weekly portions of the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Silverman is married and has two sons.

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Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

Facebook has been contacted by Palestinian Media Watch leaders to close down the Fatah page, claiming that Palestinian terror attaches have been influenced by "Fatah's glorification of murder and its promotion of violence" on the page. Read the article HERE.

Jewish institutions should not be policing their own ethics. Only an independent ethics system can set rules, field complaints, conduct inquiries and issue finding without the appearance of bias or insularity. Read the article by David Marcus in The New York Jewish Week HERE.

A recent plan to attack the Muslim town of Islamberg near Rochester NY should put Jews on alert as well. Read why HERE.

A 19-year-old Israeli woman was killed by terrorists last week outside Jerusalem. A group of Palestinians paid a condolence call to her family, stating that they were saddened by the murder and found it unacceptable. Read about it HERE.

Democrats who find the tweets and statements of Reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib "hurtful" and "offensive" are missing the point. These slanders are disturbing on a deeper level than hurt feelings–their enmity and malevolence toward Israel and Jews could translate into policy aims threatening Israel's survival. Read a WSJ opinion article HERE.

Read about actions taken by the Democratic party in condemning freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her Anti-Semitic comments HERE.

Read Gerald Steinberg's article from the Jewish News Sydicate, An open letter to Dr. Tveit, head of World Council of Churches, for his response to a demonizing and hostile publication for their training camp for anti-Israel advocacy, HERE.

The Middle East Forum recently hosted a conference to examine whether Qatar is a US ally or global menace. Congressmen, military and intelligence officials, and analysts concluded that Qatar is a malevolent actor. Read about the conference HERE.

While the US cut aid to the Palestinian's security apparatus, it was at the request of the Palestinians themselves, to avoid being faced with law suits for terrorism, even while Abbas continues his "Pay for Slay" policies. Read of the consequences HERE.

Newton, Mass. schools have used materials that promote anti-Semitic sentiment, and while the school board addressed this issue in 2011, further anti-Israel bias has continued. Unfortunately, what has happened in Newton schools is part of a trend in schools nationwide. The problem stems from Title VI requirements for funding and outside speakers. Read about it HERE.

The Trump administration has chosen Iraq war vet and grandson of Holocaust survivors Elan Carr for the State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Read about him HERE.

New York Congresspeople Jerome Nadler and Carolyn Maloney have stated that they may support US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Read how support may be growing HERE.

The Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates said that "there is no enmity between us and the State of Israel," following a visit by Pope Francis. Read the Tower article HERE.

A challenge to Cory Booker: While he studied Torah and its themes have become central concepts in his speeches, he has since avoided condemning anti-Semitism by Iran, Louis Farrakhan and others. He needs to reclaim his convictions. Read the article HERE.

Read a Daniel Gordis blog discussing the American progressive agenda, and how it needs to better understand the Israeli point of view, HERE.

Retired General David Patraeus warns Hezbollah and Hamas of Israel's massive firepower, HERE.

The New York Times, in reporting a tweet from Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib in which she called out US Senators supporting anti-BDS legislation as "forgetting what country they represent," omitted that anti-Semitic part of the tweet. Read about it HERE.

Amnesty International is urging digital tourism companies Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and Trip Advisor to stop doing business in Jewish towns of Judea and Samaria. Read about it HERE.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) falsely claims that Israel is akin to Iran, stating that the Jewish states denies adherents of other faiths equal rights. Israel, in fact, recognizes five religions in its midst and protects them legally, culturally, and ethnically. Watch the video interview HERE. 

Stephen Flatow has written a memoir of his experience in seeking justice for the murder by a Palestinian terrorist of his daughter, Alisa. Read about his drama HERE.

The UN has elected Israel as Vice-Chair of the 19-nation Committee on NGOs, which oversees the work of human rights groups. Read about it HERE.

With Netta of Israel winning the last international song competition, Eurovision, the next competition will be held in Israel, but the BDS movement is urging people, including contestants, to boycott the event. Sign a statement of support showing you stand behind the contestants and the Eurovision 19 competition, HERE.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt, who famously battled Holocaust denier David Irving in court, bashed British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, stating "No respectable politician in the UK should associate with Corbyn. Read the article HERE.

The Israeli-American Coalition for Action applauds Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for adding Airbnb to Florida's list of scrutinized companies, prohibiting investment of taxpayer funds in the company due to their refusal to service Jewish-owned listings in the the settlement areas. Read about it HERE.

Jews are facing increasing anti-Semitism on three fronts- from the right, left and Islamic extremists. We cannot try to explain away this bigotry. Read why HERE.


One of the first Muslim women elected to Congress is Ilhan Omar, who claims that Israel has "hypnotized the world" into not seeing its evil doings. Read about the danger of not calling out this anti-Semitism when we are celebrating the diversity or our new Congress and don't feel it a good time to criticize others, HERE.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not between two sides. There are many, many sides. Involved are Hezbollah, the Russians, Iranians, Islamic State-affiliated insurgents–Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq–in not a single war, but a set of linked wars. Read an important artilcle, HERE.


Rashida Tlaib, the new Palestinian Congresswoman, has a map on her wall identifying Israel as "Palestine." Read of the effect on children of these maps, HERE. Readers of this Palestinian Watch article have questioned whether Tlaib is simply referring to a two-state solution, with "Palestine" side-by-side with Israel, but she has openly said, "it has to be one state," and supports Palestinian "right of return," and to her, that one state, on the map that hangs in her congressional office, is a Palestine that replaces Israel. See this analysis, HERE.


Read the letter from the ADL addressing Airbnb's decision not to list rentals in Israeli settlements HERE.

Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.

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